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Yuma 310's batter takes swing & gets a hit


AjoRocks.com, Ajo, Arizona, 2014 

Priminition and DJ Phresh, 5 April 2014

The Hut - March Birthdays, 8 March 2014

Greenway Mansion Open House, 8 March 2014

Sierra Club - Borderlands, Dan Millis, 6 Mar 2014

Why, I'm not saying - Border Checkpoint, 9 Feb 2014

Post Super Bowl Checkpoint Play, 2 February 2014

Burned at the Border - Unrest Continues, 21 Jan 2014

Chu Chu Horseshoe Championships 2014

Field to Feast Agricultural Tour, 9 January 2014

Mexican Standoff - 5 January 2014

11th Annual Dorothy Young Electric Light Parade

Mexican Federal Highway 2, 2 December 2013

Of Mice and Men, AWC Theatre, 16 November 2013

Veteran's Day Parade, 4th Ave., 11 November 2013

Halloween on Campus, AWC, 31 October 2013

Feral Cat Day, Humane Society, 19 October 2013

Wild Brush Fire, Gateway Park, 11 October 2013

Gulliver's Travels, 7 October 2013

Territorial River Regatta Float Down, 29 June 2013

Yuma Film Festival and ArtBeat 6, 20 April 2013

Portraits by Emil - Open House Studio Sale

Lettuce Days 2013

Civil War Days 2013

10th Annual Dorothy Young Electric Light Parade

Barney's Balloon Glow, 17 Nov 2012

The Mineshaft, Downtime Hospice Benefit, 17 Nov 12

Mexican Border Dance, Federal Agent on the Floor

MAWTS-1 Evacuate Yuma Exercise, 19 Oct 12

Migrant Poets - Poetas Migrantes, 18 Oct 2012

MCAS Arizona Adventures, Martinez Lake

Free Movie & Beer, Animal House, Toga Contest

Taco Tuesday 2, 22 May 2012

Solar Eclipse - 20 May 2012

North End Art Walk, 18 May 2012

Mayor Al Krieger - Conduct of Office Hearing

Gateway Park's Cool Hot Days - 28 April 2012 

ARTbeat 5 - 21 April 2012

Dome Valley Miniature Church Rises 

Journey of the Arts, Talent Show, 13 April 2012

Eva Olvera & Elisha Lillard Wedding - 17 March 2012

Midnight at the Oasis, Caballeros de Yuma 2012 Car Show

Dreams to Reality, Lowrider Supershow, Somerton, AZ

Silver Spur Rodeo Parade

2011 Centennial Electric Light Parade

GM Classic Omnium - Bicycle Time Trial

Swimming, Tubing & Relaxing at Gateway Park

Ocean to Ocean Highway Sparkling Independence Day Celebration

Taco Tuesday, Mr. Fish

Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band - MCAS USO Show

Yuma Art Center Easter Bucket Reception

Storybook Express - Electric Light Parade

Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival - McDonald's Flight vs. Float Competition

Renovation - Movie Premiere

Marine MCAS Yuma Civilian Evacuation -  Kiwanis Park

Search & Rescue Marine Helicopter at Gateway Park  

Tribute of the Muses - Art & Culture Commission

The Mine Shaft - Retirement Party

Laurie Morvan Band - Top of the Kress

Irie Nites - Reggae Band - Top of the Kress

Arizona Volkswagen Club - CVS Parking Lot

Catch the Train!

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Frank Ruiz - In the Midnight Hour

Paradise Casino Independence Day Celebration

145th Street - Blues Band Videos

Demolition Derby - Yuma County Fair

Carnival & Fair - Yuma County

Weird Science - Rocking 80's Band

Yuma MCAS Air Show

America - Band - Midnight at the Oasis

Band - Night Ranger - 6 March 10

Midnight at the Oasis - Sunday - 7 March 2010

Car Show - MATO - 6 March 2010

Midnight at the Oasis - Car Show - 5 March 2010

YPG Double Elimination Ping Pong Tournament

Buffalo Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle Convoy

Lettuce Pickers Picking Lettuce

Yuma Scorpions vs. Saskatchewan Silver Sox - Baseball

12th Annual Yuma Lettuce Days - Festival

3rd Annual Wheelz in Wellton - Car Show

Mesa Thunderbirds vs. AWC Matadors - Football

Yuma Criminals vs. Tolleson Wolverines - Football 

AWC Matadors vs. Phoenix College - Football

Scottsdale Artichokes vs. AWC Matadors - Football

Pima College vs. AWC Matadors - Soccer

NMMI Broncos vs. AWC Matadors - Football

AWC Matadors vs. Scottsdale Artichokes - Volleyball

Utah Eagles vs. AWC Matadors - Women's Basketball

Howard Hawks vs. AWC Matadors 1 - Basketball

Howard Hawks vs. AWC Matadors 2 - Basketball

Paint the Fence - with Ray Collier

Cocopah Wild River Family Entertainment Center

EcoCAR NeXt Challenge - The Judgment

Yuma International Ping Pong - Korea vs. Poland

Yuma Outpost Table Tennis Training - Vietnam, Poland

Palm Tree Twilight - Yuma Lettuce Field




Matt Quinivan's Neighborhood, 540 E. Hacienda Dr.

Saint Paul's Historic Church

Tiny Chapel Log Book, Dome Valley, AZ

AWC Main Campus, ART-178 Open Photo Shoot

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fiesta at Mittry Lake

Yuco Gin Inc. II, 7474 N. Hwy 95, Yuma, AZ

VFW 8242 Colo-Gila River, Yuma, Arizona

YPG Big Guns, US Army Proving Ground

YPG Army Heritage Center Military Museum

San Luis Border Fence, Arizona, USA & Mexico

Gila Bend, Arizona

Mesa Del Sol - Golf Course Homes

Santa Ysabel, California

Salton Sea Birds, Johnston's Landing, Salton City, CA

Salton Sea to Moreno Valley, California and back through twisty Julian, CA Video Drive

Mittry Lake Wildlife Refuge, After the Burn

El Centro, California

Kahuna Lagoon Base Pool - U.S. Army YPG

St. Thomas Mission Water Tower - Christmas Lights

Cocopah RV & Golf Resort - Water Tower

Historic Julian, California - Day Trip

Shooter's Saloon & Cantina - Wellton's Man Cave

Somerton at Night - Downtown

Yuma Territorial Prison

Yuma Quartermaster Depot, 201 N. 4th Ave.

McPhaul Swinging Bridge, Highway 95

Mohave Desert, California

Algodones, Mexico & Quechan Casino & Resort

Los Algodones Border Crossing Panoramic View

Quechan Paradise Casino Reservation Drive Video

Fun Factory & Gateway Park Panorama

Martinez Lake Panoramic Photos

Sunridge Drive - Inn & Suites, Yuma, AZ

Yuma Palms Regional Center

Pivot Point, Yuma, Arizona

Gila Ridge Road, 20th Street, 16th St., 1st Avenue

Shuttle Bus, Yuma to Quartzite to Mesa, AZ

4th Avenue - From 5th to 15th St, Yuma, Arizona

4th Ave - 16th St to 28th St., Yuma, AZ - 4 Mar 2010

Drive - Highway 95, 16th St, Pacific Ave, 32nd St

YPG Army Civilian Base Housing - Ironwood

Cresta Gila Homes

Yuma Homes

Hidden Shores

Cadillac Driving Tour

Paradise Casino

YPG Army Tank Display

Dome Valley Miniature Church

Saint Thomas Indian Mission - Quechan Catholic Church

Gateway Park, Colorado River, 259 South Gila Street

Cocopah Casino, Resort & Conference Center

GM Desert Proving Ground - Mesa - Change is Coming

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico

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TacoTrain Skateboard Guacamole


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