Campo Border Patrol Station Illegal Seizure and Kidnap of US Citizen

United States Department of Homeland Security Invades American

Pine Valley, California

31 May 2013

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On 31 May 2013 without Probable Cause or a Warrant, Agent B. Blanchard broke into Robert Trudell's sealed driver's door window. A plain clothed Agent along with Agent A. Magana searched the Trunk which Agent Blanchard pushed to close while asking if they had a Warrant. Agent Magana confirmed no Warrant or Probable Cause existed saying they were conducting a Weapons Search. Police Officer D. Miesen photographed an "ein Berliner 9" documentary movie prop badge from the trunk to submit to the Terrorism Liaison Unit. Agent A. Corpuz searched the passenger compartment and glovebox where U.S. Customs & Border Protection removed a powered down GM Business Phone assigned to Robert Trudell. Asset Forfeiture Office Paralegal, Jim Elam, refused requests to return General Motor's property which interfered with business communications. Agent B. Blanchard failed to clearly provide Orders to Robert Trudell and his subordinates resulting in an Illegal Search & Seizure by him and those in his command.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection along with the Terrorism Liaison Unit conspired to Willfully violate Robert Trudell's Copyrights to further the Identity of contracted partners including the Astroturfing CBP Agent Michael Flanders,'s Pete Eyre and's Terry Bressi. Their efforts create a false front encouraging criminal behavior and trapping those they lure into their net, manufacturing characters the public loathes and spreading widespread fear and myths to manipulate public behavior. Agent Flanders and Terry Bressi both directed Trudell to an Intern Lawyer, Mitra Ebadolahi with the ACLU while he remained under CBP arrest. Mitra Ebadolahi passed fake Whistleblowing Agent information onto Trudell furthering Flanders' false identity.

Seizure of his Property without a Warrant or Probable Cause left him fearful Agents would Seize his Property again while retrieving the originally Seized Equipment.

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